Our Mission and Aims

Our Mission Statement:

Cundall Manor School focuses on every child, aiming to ensure that they feel happy, safe, supported and celebrated. This atmosphere ensures that pupils can engage fully with the educational challenges and risks that maximise learning and achievement. The rural setting allows pupils to embrace their childhood whilst the innovative and unique curriculum provides opportunity for all to develop the confidence, judgement and personal skills that will advantage their future lives.

Our Aims:

  • To deliver a broad, balanced, coherent and relevant curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils.
  • To encourage students to excel academically, artistically, physically, creatively, emotionally, spiritually and socially.
  • To create a positive learning environment which values learning, mutual respect, individuality, consideration and personal responsibility.
  • To promote a sense a self-worth, confidence and independence in the pupils.
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to broaden their experiences and extend their thinking.
  • To ensure all teaching is of a high standard and focussed on promoting excellent pupil learning.
  • To ensure the school is a safe environment in which all parties can work and progress.
  • To promote equal opportunities for all, regardless of ability, gender, race, religion, sexuality or disability.
  • To foster effective working relationships with pupils, parents and other professional bodies, where communication is regular, co-operative and relevant, to the mutual benefit of all and the enhancement of the Cundall Manor School community.

To achieve our aims Cundall Manor School:

  • Provides a broad-based education which offers a curriculum of sufficient variety to satisfy both the demands of intellectually able pupils and the needs of the less academic.
  • Ensures that the core subjects and the associated skills of literacy, numeracy and communication are given due prominence.
  • Provides structures and disciplines which enable pupils to study and learn in an atmosphere that is orderly but secure and relaxed and which are responsive to the needs of each individual.
  • Fosters an interest and proficiency in private study through assignments, homework and library skills.
  • Provides a wide range of games and activities manned by staff with the assistance of external coaches and advisers.
  • Nurtures within pupils the qualities of leadership, creativity, and responsiveness to the needs of others.
  • Values the development of character just as highly as academic achievement or sporting prowess.


Cundall Manor blends the best traditions of honour, integrity and courtesy with up-to-the-minute teaching facilities and approaches. The school has developed a reputation for ensuring that each and every child feels happy, safe, supported and celebrated. Within this environment, children engage fully with the educational challenges and risks that maximise learning and achievement.

Children are encouraged to participate in a number of sports and events outside of the curriculum including outward bound courses, travel, charity/community work and extra-curricular sports. Whilst many of our pupils do achieve top standards and awards across academia, sports and music, competing and succeeding at area, county and national level, our aim is to ensure every pupil has the opportunity to participate in the full range of activities, whatever their level of ability and experience.

We work with every child to help them find their potential and to thrive. We’re not afraid to encourage them to move out of their comfort zone, cultivating a ‘yes’ mentality which prepares children to embrace the world and to think and act independently and without inhibitions. This is critical to enabling them to develop the confidence, judgement and personal skills that will benefit their futures.

High standards of academic endeavour, courteous behaviour and participation in all aspects of school life are expected. These are the core principles that ensure our pupils excel at school and are thoroughly prepared for the next stage in their academic careers, with entry into a variety of top UK senior schools, at both 13 and 16, being the norm.