Name: Alex Allan

Age: 26

House at Cundall: Stuarts

Year Left: 2005

Senior School / College: Sedbergh School

University: Loughborough Uni/ Edinburgh Napier

Current Occupation: Rugby Player

Tell us a little about yourself, your job and where you are living?

I am currently living in Glasgow and play rugby for the Glasgow Warriors team in the Pro14 and the Champions Cup. I have been at Glasgow for 4 years, and have 73 caps for the club and a further 4 caps for Scotland at loose head prop. I have just completed a degree in Quantity Surveying, which I have been studying part-time alongside my rugby commitments.

What did you do after you left Cundall?

I left Cundall and went to Sedbergh for 5 years, I then went to Loughborough University to study Quantity Surveying and spent 2 years there playing for the first team before I was offered a contract with Edinburgh Rugby. After 2 years in the capital and having moved my degree to Edinburgh Napier to study part-time I moved west to Glasgow where we won the Pro14 in my first year at the club. I got my first cap for Scotland in 2014 in a win against USA and have since played against Argentina, Georgia and Fiji.

How did you get to where you are now?

I have been lucky enough to be in a competitive team with experienced and knowledgeable coaches from a young age. Cundall provided me with the facilities, coaching and time to allow me to develop as an individual on and off the pitch. It allowed me to grow in confidence in the classroom and on the pitch and learn how to work as part of a team to achieve an end goal.

What are your fondest memories of Cundall?

My fondest memories of Cundall would have to be the boarding. I started Cundall age 9 and would board twice a week (tuck shop nights). I also loved the sporting opportunities, and played in some competitive rugby, football and tennis teams under Mr Sample! Climbing Ben Nevis with Mr Phillips was also a highlight. I also began to enjoy Maths while at Cundall with lessons from Miss Stroud, which probably led to my degree choice.

What do you do in your spare time?

Play golf, travel around Scotland, walk my dogs and read.

Follow Alex on Twitter @alexallan10

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Images kindly provided by SNS PIX and the SRU. Interviewed in April 2018.