Why Board?

The thought of boarding can be daunting. A boarding house can be quite intimidating, and youngsters can find it quite unsettling to be taken away from the familiar routines of home, and the privacy of their own bedroom, and to have to learn to adapt to the routines and expectations of communal living.

But boarding brings many benefits too. Below are just some of the reasons our pupils love to board:

Our boarders learn to work together and to support each other, they learn the power of teamwork and the rewards of leadership; they learn to be self-sufficient, to take responsibility for their own belongings and routines, and not to rely on adults to do everything for them; they learn to respect each other’s space and belongings; they learn the importance of tolerance and empathy, and the value of true and long lasting friendships.

Because the Cundall Boarding House is kept deliberately small and family oriented, our boarders settle very quickly and adapt easily to what is in effect simply just another family, only slightly larger than their own!

Want to know why so many people love boarding? Visit the BSA’s #iloveboarding page by following this link: www.boarding.org.uk/356/i-love-boarding

Thinking of boarding? Worried about what’s involved? Then take a look at the Boarders’ Handbook below. It’s written just for kids and will tell you everything you need to know about joining the Cundall Boarding House.

Pupils’ Boarding Handbook