Prep School

Years 3-6

During Years 3-6, the children are predominantly Form-based, with teachers planning together within a year group and across the Key Stage. As the children spend much of the day with their Form teacher, excellent and supportive working relationships are quickly developed. Each year group has access to a teaching assistant whose role is invaluable in supporting the individual needs of particular pupils or groups of pupils. In the early years of Main School, literacy and numeracy skills are the main focus, as they underpin progress and success in every other aspect of the curriculum. Alongside these core skills, children are provided with a rich, enhanced curriculum of foundation subjects, with excellence and enjoyment paramount.  Specialist teaching in areas such as Modern Foreign Languages, Art, Music, Games and Swimming complement the class-based teaching. We are justly proud of our excellent language department, which is staffed by fully bilingual (and often native speaking) teaching staff. Language visits to France and Spain are central to the pupils’ progress through the school.

Year 7 and 8

In Year 7, pupils move from Form-based teaching to subject specialist teaching. Core and Foundation subjects are all set by ability, enabling teaching staff to focus their learning on the specific needs of each teaching group. Class sizes are small allowing for a very high level of individual attention and instruction.  Subjects such as PHSEE, Swimming, Art, and Drama are taught in Forms, allowing the children to experience and enjoy a richer variety of teaching approaches and social groups.

The Prep School is an environment where our children can be themselves, thrive and look forward to a bright future based upon solid foundations.