Outdoor Pursuits

Through outdoor pursuits, Cundall Manor’s pupils get the opportunity to learn more about themselves and work towards an understanding of what they are capable of achieving in life. It’s an approach which fosters self-confidence and inspires greatness.

We offer pupils opportunities in a variety of extra-curricular pursuits that aids their transition from school pupil to young adult and helps them develop into well-rounded and valued members of the community. Our pupils are equipped with the life skills to make a success of their study at university and on into their future careers.

From as early as Pre-Prep, pupils experience a range of adventurous activities designed to suit their age and stage in life: staying overnight in our own Native American tipis, taking part in residential courses with the Outward Bound Trust, climbing Ben Nevis, rough camping in the Lake District, and culminating in a two-week foreign expedition in their final year at Cundall. Trips to date include trekking in India, Canada and Morocco.

Developing identity

There is something special about taking part in outdoor pursuits. Pupils get the opportunity to learn more about themselves and work towards an understanding of what they may be capable of achieving in life. Personalities shine and pupils can appreciate and build upon their own strengths.

A respect for the environment

Through the outdoor pursuits programme at Cundall Manor, pupils gain an understanding and appreciation of their surroundings. Education outside the classroom enables pupils to enjoy the countryside and see how valuable it is.

An enjoyment of learning

Pupils are captivated by outdoor learning. In an outdoor environment, we strip away the day to day routines along with the stresses and strains of school life. Pupils can relax, open their minds to new ways of thinking, and approach challenges from a new perspective. Often pupils return to school refreshed and renewed; with a newfound confidence through what they have achieved.

Building on strengths

The outdoor programme has been designed to ensure that pupils progress both in confidence and skill level as they move through the school. All individuals start with different skills, interests and experiences. We aim to embrace and share these strengths to enable pupils to develop and learn more effectively.

Director of Outdoor Activities

At Cundall we benefit from having a Director of Outdoor Activities who oversees the outdoor education programme. Read our recent Q&A with Mr Jackson by following the link: https://www.cundallmanorschool.com/news/welcome-cundalls-new-director-outdoor-activities/

Overview of Outdoor Pursuits Programme:

Year 3

Marrick Priory Outdoor Education Centre: A fun residential weekend experience.

Year 4

Low Mill, Wesleydale: Our trip includes climbing, orienteering and a variety of fun and engaging challenges.

Year 5

Peak Adventure Centre, Derbyshire: This residential course will involve a number of activities ranging from canoeing, abseiling, 3G swing, and raft building.

Year 6

Ullswater Outward Bound: Pupils work through a progression of activities from High Courses and canoeing to camping and climbing mountains.

Year 7

Aberdovey Outward Bound: Pupils travel to Wales for a long weekend of water and land based adventurous pursuits.

Year 8

Ben Nevis Trip: Pupils stay in the Glencoe Outdoor Centre, ascend Ben Nevis (1344m) and sail on Loch Leven.

Year 9

Pupils start the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The Cowes Trip: A week of sailing in Cowes, Isle of Wight. Pupils work through the RYA Awards

Year 10

Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award

Year 11

Overseas Expedition: Year 10 and 11 pupils work together to choose the destination and programme for their ultimate two week outdoor pursuits experience.