I am delighted to welcome you to the Cundall Manor School website. We are proud to be a thriving, prosperous and growing school community. Our aim is to provide a school experience which is unique, friendly, supportive and caring which turns out happy and successful young people.

As a school we offer provision

from the age of 2 to 16 in an idyllic part of rural North Yorkshire. This allows us to give our pupils something unique, a truly supportive community of pupils, parents and teachers who deeply care about the wellbeing and happiness of each individual.

We know we deliver a strong all round education, allowing our pupils to thrive not only in the classroom and in

exams but on the sports field and on the stage and wherever they feel the need. We nurture each persons’ talents and encourage all our pupils to grow, work hard and become confident, polite individuals.

We are proud to say that Cundall is a genuinely friendly, supportive and caring school. If you are thinking of where to send your child and would like to find out more about the school or to arrange a visit, please use this site and the information on hand to make an appointment. We would be very happy to meet you.

Amanda Kirby