Inspection Reports

From 2014, Cundall Manor has been inspected not by Ofsted but by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, a government approved inspectorate responsible for the inspection of Association independent schools. Schools in the Association are ranked among the best in the world and educate more than half a million children in 1,200 schools. By electing to be inspected by the ISI we recognise the unique role of independent schools and the need for compliance with the regulations specifically pertaining to them.

In December 2018, the ISI visited school for a full FCI / EQI inspection.

The below shows just a few of the key findings from the report and are a wonderful testimonial to our Cundall community.

  • “Pupils’ attitudes to learning is excellent. Their love of learning is palpable.”
  • “Pupils achieve highly in a wide range of activities such as sport, music, art, and drama.”
  • “Pupils display excellent self-understanding, and they are confident young people.”
  • “Pupils’ strong sense of community drives their outstanding social development.”
  • “Pupils’ behaviour is excellent, underpinned by a strong sense of right and wrong.”
  • “Pupils have an excellent understanding of the need to contribute positively to the lives of others.”
  • “The pupils are excellent collaborative workers and enjoy helping each other when topics challenge them.”
  • “The school also celebrates success in local festivals and scholarships won by pupils. Individual success such as an under-16 Great Britain horse rider and north of England rugby and hockey players, as well as team successes, are celebrated widely and encourages other pupils to strive for excellence.”
  • “The strong relationships between staff and pupils, fostered by excellent leadership and management, underpin the exceptional personal development of the pupils including the development of those who board.”
  • “Pupils have excellent social skills, conversing confidently and collaborating with one another readily. They are supportive of one another and there is a real sense of unity and inclusion. They have a common purpose and that is to be part of a school community where everyone is valued.”
  • “Parents value the development of their children’s social and teamwork skills as reflected in their overwhelmingly positive responses in the questionnaires.”
  • “There is a strong sense of mutual respect throughout the school. Pupils have an excellent moral compass.”
  • “Pupils are extremely polite. Nursery children’s’ manners are impeccable.”
  • “There is an excellent sense of community amongst the pupils which is palpable.”
  • “The school site allows pupils to step back and enjoy the beauty around them. Pupils value access to the outdoors and the many opportunities they get to interact with and appreciate nature, which they thoroughly enjoy.”
  • “This is a kind school where pupils respect one another.”

To read the full report please follow this link: ISI Report 2018