The Arts

The creative and performing arts play a huge role in Cundall life. Art, Drama and Music are an important part of the curriculum for all pupils until the end of Year 9, and all three subjects are offered at GCSE. Every year group up to Year 8 participates in a public performance, whether that be a musical theatre production, a play, a series of sketches or a music & poetry evening.

Around 200 individual instrumental, singing and drama lessons take place every week, and many pupils are invited to participate in ensembles or as soloists at the various events that take place throughout the year. Exams are offered with the ABRSM, LAMDA, Rock School and Music Teachers’ exam boards.

Let’s face it, standing up to perform in front of an audience is a pretty terrifying prospect for most people. But the more children engage with experiences that are beyond their comfort zones, the more they will develop resilience, coping mechanisms to deal with their anxieties, flexibility, and the ability to problem-solve creatively on those occasions when it all goes wrong. The sense of achievement and pride that comes from having overcome all those mental obstacles and delivering a successful performance to an appreciative audience is like nothing else!

As well as developing all these skills, here at Cundall we recognise that the arts are hugely beneficial for mental health, offering an outlet for emotional expression and a safe space to reflect on feelings. They encourage interactions between people in a positive social setting, promoting a sense of belonging and community.

For all these reasons, we are passionate about the arts, and we are happy to welcome audiences to the various events that take place throughout the year.