House System

Every pupil at Cundall Manor is a member of one of our four Houses: Normans, Saxons, Stuarts and Tudors.  Siblings and cousins are put in the same house. The vertical House system brings together pupils of all ages and provides opportunities for every pupil to understand the importance of friendship, support, respect and care for others within the greater school community.

House meetings take place weekly and give the pupils the opportunity to mix with all age groups to carry out a variety of activities. Recent themes have included ‘The History of your House’ and ‘The Great Outdoors’; alternatively activities may focus on the pastoral theme of the term (such as Integrity, Perseverance, Heroism, Courage and Honesty).

All staff are also assigned to a house and attend the weekly house meetings, allowing them to develop uniquely relaxed and supportive relationships with a broader range of pupils than their classroom teaching may allow.

With children earning house points for good behaviour or exceptional school work, the house system reinforces our ethos of hard work and good manners, and allows for a healthy degree of competition within the school. During the year, a number of house competitions (in the form of sports tournaments, general knowledge quizzes, talent shows and singing contests) add to the very keen sense of service and support of one’s house. At the close of the school year the winning house enjoys a house outing.