Pastoral Care

We all know that children achieve their greatest success when they feel they are in a safe and caring environment, when they feel respected and supported.

The school aims to establish and maintain a positive, caring ethos which fosters equality, fairness and mutual respect. There is a real sense of community around the school; an extended family where children of all ages mix together.

Through all aspects of school life, pupils are encouraged to develop initiative, self-discipline, an enquiring mind and an enthusiasm for self-development and support of others, all within the social structures of school life.

Although the School has a Christian foundation, with weekly assemblies providing a moral or spiritual lead, pupils and staff from all religious and cultural backgrounds are welcome.

Our pastoral care is a great priority – children feel safe, secure, confident; qualities that foster a desire for self-enrichment and improvement.

Food is a big part of life at Cundall Manor and we attempt to ensure that pupils get the right balance of nutrition needed to engage with our vibrant curriculum across the day.

Our menus run on a 3 weekly rotation and are changed each term.

Please follow the link to this term’s Lunch Menu.