By Emilia

Lots of excited children climbed onto the coach on Wednesday morning ready for their trip to the Apple Centre in Leeds. When we arrived we walked to the store. As we were a little early, we were able to look around the store at all the amazing things they make. We were given cool yellow Apple T-Shirts to wear to show that we were taking part in a workshop.

Our first activity was to use iPads to make a code to steer a member of one group around a table and at each corner they had to do a challenge, like 10-star jumps. Next, we went to a sphero app on the iPads and we were given sphero robots. We had to code them through a tricky maze. We were all awarded certificates at the end, and the group that completed 2 mazes the fastest (Joseph, Austen and I) were given an Apple badge each.

We all had a fantastic morning, having great fun and learning lots about coding robots. Thank you Mrs Verity, Mr Denmark and Mrs G-T for taking us.