Whatever your motivations for opting for boarding, it’s important that you are confident that your child feels safe, secure and supported in their boarding house.

Boarding at Cundall delivers on all these fronts; some of pupils board because it’s a practical solution for their parents’ demanding work schedules, some board in preparation for senior school, and some do it simply for fun! Some board on a weekly basis and some as and when it suits them and their family schedules. Whatever the reason, whatever the frequency, all our boarders agree on one thing – there’s something special about boarding at Cundall Manor.

Our Boarding Family, Mr and Mrs Reece, will be happy to meet any prospective parent who would like to have a chat regarding boarding at Cundall Manor. To arrange a meeting, call 01423 360 200.

Our boarding handbooks for parents is available here: Cundall Manor School Boarding Handbook for Parents 2021 2022

Our boarding handbook for pupils is available here: Cundall Manor School Boarding Handbook for Pupils 2021 2022 

We are a proud member of the Boarding School Association, visit their website to find out more about boarding across the UK.





Due to the impact of Covid-19, some restrictions may be in place. Please contact the school to find out more.

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