Boarding House Parents

The Boarding House is run by two House Parents who are permanently resident in a private apartment within the Boarding House. The House parents are assisted by two further live in staff.

The House Parents are responsible for the everyday running of the Boarding House, for the programme of evening and weekend activities offered to boarders, and for the personal welfare and academic progress of each boarding pupil. Working in loco parentis in a small, family oriented Boarding House, the Boarding House Parents take an active and in-depth interest in the wellbeing of each and every boarder ensuring that all their needs are met. This can range from ensuring preps are done each evening and to a satisfactory standard, to checking pupils have the right kit for school trips or sports fixtures, to arbitrating and counselling when things don’t go according to plan, or simply making up numbers in a game of Jenga or on the Wii!

Liaison with parents/guardians

The House Parents keep in regular contact with parents and guardians. Regular e-mail and telephone contact ensures parents and guardians are always up to date with is going on in the Boarding House. The House Parents write a brief report on each Boarder at the end of the Autumn and Summer Terms, commenting on their overall contribution to the Boarding House.

One of the House Parents is always around the Boarding House on Monday mornings and Saturday mornings (drop off/pick up times for weekly boarders) to meet and chat to parents. A dedicated boarders’ phone line and e-mail system ensures that useful information can be passed to and fro, so that boarders take comfort in knowing what’s going on at home.